openSAP Become and Augmented BI Expert. Week 1 Data Modeling

Hello, the new SAC course, Become an Augmented BI Expert, has already begun, and as I mentioned, I will make a summary of each week. This week they begin a review of all the modeling that we can do in SAC, from dimensions, dataset, model differences, calculations, the importance of security and the Live connection.

I think it’s quite interesting this week and I give you a summary of each of the videos this week.


Modeling fundamentals

They begin with the explanation of the types of dimensions that we have in SAC, account, date, geographical, generic, also explain the differences between public and private. The explanation of measures continues, you know that we have the option of a model of measures or an account model.

Here we also see the structure of the models in SAC and the different ways we can load the data either with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) or ELT (Extract, Load, Transform)

Finally they explain the different models in SAC, Account Type Model, Measured Type Model and Dataset.

Preparing Datasets

We will be able to see what datasets can be used for and in what situations they should be used, for predictive scenarios, analyze the data first, the loading process is ELT, to take into account that, it is not possible to use them for planning, the data load is unique, that is, data cannot be added.

They have many utilities, are easy to handle and quick to use.

Acquired Data Modeling

Here, they explain how we can create data models and the modelling options. From loading by file or by connection, dimensions, measures, star schema, to load planning. It is a highly recommended video.

Advanced Modeling

In this video, they explain the geolocation options, the import in the same data models from different sources and how to chain the jobs, and some «tricks» in the preparation of the data.


They continue with the different calculations that we can do in data modeling, mathematical operations, Inverse Formulas, Lookup, Currency Conversions, etc. and the difference with the Data Actions that we saw in the previous SAC Planning courses.

Data Security

I think data security is important and here we are reminded of the options we have in SAC to limit access, analytical privileges for models, analytical privilege for folders, public and private, access to the models themselves, access to members of individual dimensions.

Live Data Modeling

Finally, they explain how we can access data with live connections such as SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Business Warehouse (BW), SAP S/4HANA, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects. Important to note the differences between Direct vs Tunnel connections.

I hope you find it useful

Keep moving forward, knowledge is good and also, knowing who knows, can help us…

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